Future Digital Norfolk

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Future Digital Norfolk, has been awarded a nine month trial licence to operate DAB digital radio broadcast transmissions serving Norwich and the surrounding areas.  A single multiplex transmitter operating from the same site as used by Future Radio for it’s FM (107.8MHz) transmissions will be used, operating on the 9A DAB block of frequencies.

  • A copy of our public application to operate a small-scale DAB trial multiplex in Norwich is available here.
  • The Ofcom map showing the predicted coverage of our small-scale DAB trial multiplex for Norwich is no longer available (due to copyright reasons).  However an alternative version is available here.
  • For comparison, a map showing Future Radio’s current predicted FM coverage of Norwich (on 107.8 MHz since 2010) is available here.
  • Ofcom’s report concerning its original small-scale DAB Test and Development trial transmissions in Brighton is avalable here.

The images below show radii from the Future Radio / Future Digital Norfolk Transmitter Site in NW Norwich. The coverage achievable from this site is dependent upon the frequency allocated, the design of the antenna system used and the radiated power level used. The images below show radii in multiples of five kilometres from the transmitter site. Each assumes an omni-directional radiation pattern from the antenna system and does not take into account attenuation impacts of terrain features / man-made clutter (buildings etc.).

TX Radii 1

Terrain Map Radii (Unshaded)

TX Radii 2

Terrain Map Radii (Shaded)

TX Radii 3

Satellite Map (Shaded)

[First Published: 30th April 2015] [Updated: 04th May 2015 / 04th & 12th September 2015]