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FDN DAB Coverage Map (October 2015)

For copyright reasons, we aren’t allowed to publish our Ofcom coverage map, so (courtesy of Glyn Roylance at Associated Broadcast Consultants) here’s an alternative interactive version showing where you should be able to pick up our DAB transmissions:


Signal Strengths – Key to colour codes
Green = 62 dBµV/m = Good indoor reception and strong mobile reception
Yellow = 54 dBµV/m = Limited indoor reception and adequate mobile reception.
Note: In Yellow areas domestic receivers may need aerial fully extended / more carefully positioned.
Transmitter Site Information
Transmitter Site Name: FDN DAB TX1
Transmitter Power: 100 Watts e.m.r.p. (vertical polarisation only / 2-stack collinear)
Local Ground height metres: 27.533 metres a.o.d. (approx. above sea level)
DAB Antenna height (centre): 32.75 metres a.g.l. (approx. above local ground level)
Transmitter Site Address: Markham Tower, Bowers Ave, Norwich, Norfolk NR3 2PX, UK.
O.S. Grid Reference: TG 21305 10911 X-Eastings: 621305 / Y-Northings: 310911
Coordintes latitude/longitude: 52.650749 / 1.2702213
What Three Words: occurs.passes.expert (what3words.com)

[First published: Sunday 18th October 2015, Edited Tuesday 20th October 2015, Monday 14th December 2015 & Thursday 31st December 2015. Last updated (API): Wednesday 07th of November 2018]