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DAB Digital Radio for the Greater Norwich area.


FR_107_LogoBig_DigitalNorfolk[RedBackground] CITY-WIDE DAB FOR THE GREATER NORWICH AREA
DAB broadcasts serving the Norwich area on frequency block 9A (centred on a frequency of 202.928 MHz) and identified as “TrialNorwich” are provided by Future Digital Norfolk Limited.
If your organisation is interested in broadcasting to the Greater Norwich are of Norfolk, we have capacity available for commercial and / or not-for-profit DAB or DAB+ services on our city-wide multiplex. For more information and to discuss your individual requirements, please contact us, in the first instance using the contact form on this web-site, which is available here.   We look forward to working with you!
Over the coming months changes to the FDN Greater Norwich DAB multiplex will result in the availability of further capacity for additional services.
Services such as Jazz FM, Totally Radio and Radio Caroline are expected to move from standard DAB delivery to DAB+ delivery, thereby freeing up approximately 168 Capacity Units. Changes to the error protection levels used by Angel Radio and Solar Radio should free up a further 44 CU. With some 210 capacity units thereby made free, the multiplex should be able to accommodate a further five or six DAB+ services operating at between 32 kbps (mono) or 40 / 48 kbps (stereo). These changes are expected to begin during August 2017 and to be completed by the end of the year.
Future Radio (from Monday 14th September 2015)
Radio Norwich (from Monday 14th September 2015)
TotallyRadio (added Thursday 17th September 2015) (DAB+ since Fri. 22/09/17)
Solar Radio (added Tuesday 13th October 2015) (DAB+ since Sat. 18/06/16)
Jazz FM (added Wednesday 14th October 2015)
Radio Caroline (added Sunday 15th November 2015) (DAB+ since Thu. 21/12/17)
Angel Vintage DAB+ service (added Wednesday 15th June 2016)
(This service previously broadcast as ‘Angel Digital’ up until Sunday 05th February 2017)
Cambridge 105 DAB+ service (added Monday 02nd January 2017)
Weather 24/7 Radio DAB+ service (added Sunday 02nd July 2017)
The BEAT DAB+ service (added Saturday 22nd July 2017)
Classical 1 DAB+ service (added Friday 04th August 2017)
Chris Country DAB+ service (added Friday 04th August 2017)
Antenna Radio DAB+ service (added Saturday 26th August 2017)
Classic Hits DAB+ service (added Friday 06th October 2017)
Cyber Hot Hits DAB+ service (added Thursday 21st December 2017)
Cyber Rock DAB+ service (added Thursday 21st December 2017)
About Norwich DAB+ service (Added Wednesday 05th July 2017. Replaced standard DAB service ‘Future Plus+. Currently used for engineering and technical test transmissions only.)
FuturePopUp (Occasional services provided for special events etc.)
FutureData (Capacity reserved for ancillary / non-broadcast data service(s))SERVICES PREVIOUSLY CARRIED:
CDNX (added Wednesday 16th September 2015).
(Closed 12:34, Monday 03rd April 2017 – Removed from all DAB multiplexes by that date)..
Future Plus+ (added Wednesday 16th September 2015).
(Suspended 23:30, Tuesday 04th July 2017 – Replaced by About Norwich – under test).

ABOUT DAB+ Radio Services
Some of our services (such as Angel Digital, Solar Radio and Cambridge 105) are broadcast using DAB+ technology. To listen to these services requires the use of a DAB+ capable receiver. If you are using a fairly old DAB radio (typically manufactured pre-2010 / 2011) you will need to buy a new DAB+ capable receiver to listen to these services. Look for the DAB+ logo or the green ‘Digital Radio Tick Mark’ on the radio’s packaging. More information
about the ‘tick mark’ can be found here and also here. Almost all DAB radio receivers currently on sale can receive DAB+ radio stations.

Future Digital Norfolk Limited is a not-for-profit company which has been awarded an experimental DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) licence from Ofcom, to provide broadcast radio services for Norwich and the surrounding areas.On Friday the 12th of June 2015, Ofcom announced that Future Digital Norfolk Limited had been successful in its bid to operate experimental DAB services for Norwich and the surrounding areas.  The company has now completed the work on installing the initial technical infrastructure required to deliver DAB transmissions across the City of Norwich and the first of the new services launched on the Monday the 14th of September 2015.

Over the weekend of Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of August 2015, working with our transmission engineer (Martin Spencer of Brighton based, Audessence Limited), we installed a new DAB transmission antenna at our Norwich transmitter site.  We also installed the DAB transmission rack along with the required band-pass filtering to ensure that our signals cannot interfere with other broadcasters or other radio spectrum users.

On Wednesday the 02nd of September 2015, Ofcom engineers visited our site to complete the required commissioning tests.  With these tests passed, we began initial test transmissions later that day.  Test transmissions were completed on Sunday the 13th of September 2015 with the multiplex transmission licence taking effect at midnight / 00:01 on Monday the 14th of September.

We originally expected our trial broadcasts to operate for an initial period of nine months, into mid-June 2016. On Wednesday the 24th of February 2016, it was announced by Ofcom that our trial licence would be extended for a further two years, allowing us to continue our initial operations until mid June 2018.

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