Future Digital Norfolk

Changes to Future Plus+ DAB Service

On June the 01st 2016, Future Digital Norfolk Limited, started a series of technical changes to the Future Plus+ service. The first step in the process is to reduce the bit rate of the service from 160 kbps (stereo) down to 96 kbps (mono).  This move is in order to make room on the FDN multiplex for a new service to be added to the multiplex.

The new service will be Angel Digital, the first DAB+ service to be carried on our Greater Norwich Area DAB multiplex. Because of its pre-1960 based programme content, Angel Digital will broadcast in mono. DAB+ services require much lower data rates than standard first generation DAB services, which means that Angel Digital will operate using just 32 kbps.

The engineering work we are carrying out means that the transmissions of Future Plus+ may be subject to interruption over the coming days.  Once our initial engineering tests are completed, we also plan to swap the transmissions of Future Plus+ over to the DAB+ transmission standard.  We will then continue to use the channel for our engineering tests.


[First uploaded Wednesday 01st June 2016]