Future Digital Norfolk

Markham Tower DAB Transmitter Issues

Since the morning of Saturday the 05th of December, we’ve been experiencing breaks in our DAB transmissions from our Markham Tower broadcasting site.  At the time of writing, we’re not sure what the underlying cause of these failures is.  We’ve replaced some equipment and now added in some additional equipment, which we hope will minimise the length of any future outages.

We’re continuing to look into the issue and we currently thing that it might be the result of a failing memory module in one of our computers, however more tests are needed to confirm this theory.

In a way the failures have been useful(!), they’ve made us aware of some potential weaknesses in our current technical set-up, so we’re now working to “harden” the system, adding in more redundancy and changing processes to ensure that, when they occur, problems can be rectified as quickly as possible.