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Inovonics Monitoring

Future Digital Norfolk Limited has been appointed an official dealer for Inovonics broadcast products. In particular, we are focusing on products linked to DAB and DAB+ broadcasting.

[I660 Front]
[I662 Front]
[660 Rear]
[662 Front]
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For a limited time, we are offering a special discount to operators of Ofcom’s localised (small-scale trial) DAB multiplexes and station operators using their multiplexes, as well as to selected broadcast technical companies involved in the trials. The products involved are listed below (please click on the relevant link(s) for more information):

For operators of Ofcom Trial multiplexes and operators of stations broadcasting on one or more of these multiplexes we have been able to agree reduced end-user prices. Details can be found in the table below:

Item Listed Price Discount Price Notes
Inovonics 660 US $ 920:00 / UK £690.00 UK £622.50 This unit in for single service monitoring
(balanced audio outputs)
Inovonics 662 US $ 950:00 / UK £712.50 UK £645.00 This unit is for multi-service monitoring
(no balanced audio outputs)
InoMini Rack US $ 80:00 / UK £60.00 UK £54.00 This 1U 19″ rack mounting enclosure can hold up to
three (3) InoMini monitor receivers 660s & / or 662s.
Shipping US $ 134:00 / UK £100.50 UK £100.50 Packing & Shipping for 1 x 660 OR 662
via Fed-Ex Tracked & UK to customer
Shipping US $ 189:00 / UK £141.75 UK £141.75 Packing & Shipping for 1 x 660 OR 662 PLUS Rack-mount
via Fed-Ex Tracked & UK to customer
Prices asssume exchange radio of US $1.00 = £0.75

For more information, please get in touch via our contact form.