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DAB Documentation

DAB Technical Standards

Digital Audio Broadcasting Technical Parameters are defined in a series of documents published by ETSI – the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. Whatever happens with ‘Brexit’, these rules will continue to apply in the UK, implemented by Ofcom, the UK broadcast radio regulator.

Perhaps the most useful document for those less familiar with the complexities of Digital Audio Broadcasting is the organisation’s guide to the various DAB standards:

Some of the key documents that may be of particular interest are listed below:

The transmission system used by Future Digital Norfolk Limited is based around an open source implementation of the DAB standard, developed most recently by the not-for-profit organisation ODR (Open Digital Radio). More information about what ODR does can be found here, at the organisation’s web-site.

The EBU (European Broadcasting Union) (again, which the UK will remain a member of regardless of any other changes that may occur due to ‘Brexit’) also has some useful resources about DAB and about broadcast radio more generally. A useful place to start is here, at the organisation’s radio portal.

Finally, if you are looking for a brief, but informative, overview of the history of the development of DAB, the web-site of receiver manufacturer ‘Pure’ has a useful History of Digital Radio Infographic that may be of interest.


[First Published Saturday 07th October 2017.]